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Solos and Duos

from a small, quiet room

for solo bass flute
[12 min]

A solo work composed during quarantine and completed in 2023. An exploration of the instrument, of improvisation, and of my relationship to writing [Video Recording, with score].


from the firefly grove

for flute & piano
[14 min]

Commissioned by and written for Duo Axis (Zach Sheets, flute; Wei-Han Wu, piano). Premiered in November 2018 at the Creative Arts Initiative at University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY.  [Video Recording]  [Score]


from the silhouette quarry

for bassoon and violin
[12 min]

Commissioned by Ben Roidl-Ward and William Overcash of Wolftone Duo. Premiered in Houston, TX in 2018.  [Audio Recording]  [Score]



for baritone saxophone, piano, and soundfile playback
[14 min]

Commissioned by Phil Pierick and Kurt Galván. 

[Video Recording]  [Score]

Technical requirements: bluetooth speaker and device to play soundfiles.


dare gale, speaks and spells

for two saxphones (soprano and alto)
[11 min]

Commissioned by the Ogni Suono Saxophone Duo as part of their Saxovoce commissioning project and album release.

[Buy Album]  [Video recording]  [Score]  [Album review]


that colors the stone

for solo flute
[10 min]

Written and performed by the composer. Premiered in 2013 in Rochester, NY. Subsequent performances presented by the Spoleto Festival Music in Time series, at Jordan Hall in Boston, Cornell University, and many more.

[Video Recording]



for soprano, piano, and live electronics
[10 min]

Written for Paulina Swierczek and Daniel Pesca.


Chamber ensembles


for open instrumentation

Written for and premiered by the [Switch~ Ensemble]. Warden was written during quarantine and is designed for remote and virtual performance, with layered improvisations. Each version is different.  [Video Recording]  [Score]


Encircling the crafted lights

for flute & piano
[9 min]

Written for Ensemble InterContemporain and premiered as part of IRCAM's Mani-Feste 15 Festival.

[Audio Recording]  [Score]


I am sinking in a sea of copper ships (ii)

for flute, clarinet, violin, guitar, piano, percussion, and live electronics
[9 min]

Premiered at the Eastman Audio Research Studio (formerly the "Eastman Computer Music Center").

[Audio Recording]  [Score]


i am sinking in a sea of copper ships (i)

for flute, clarinet, violin, guitar, piano, and hand percussion
[9 min]

Commissioned by and written for the Ritsos Project in Samos, Greece.


Weightless Vantage

for flute/alto flute, violin, and piano
[7 min]

Performed by Hanna Hurwitz, Zach Sheets, and Daniel Pesca. Premiered in New York City, April 2014.

[Audio Recording]  [Score]


Large ensembles

from cairn terrain

for 16 players
[18 min]

Written for the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne as part of the 2016 FORUM Internationale des jeunes compositeurs in Montréal, Canada.

[Live Concert Recording]  [Score]


I wake to the silence of your halls

for solo flute and orchestra
[13 min]

Recording with the Eastman Philharmonia and Zach Sheets, flute.

[Recording]  [Score]


in clarion fields

for chamber orchestra [0.1+EH.0.0 1.0.0 strings]
[9 min]

Commissioned by and written for the Vermont Symphony Orchestra as part of their 2016 Made in Vermont 6-concert tour. [Score]

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