Works, scores, and recordings

solos and duos

from the firefly grove


for flute and piano

Commissioned by Duo Axis

Wei-Han Wu, piano | Zach Sheets, flute

from the silhouette quarry


for bassoon and violin

commissioned by Ben Roidl-Ward and William Overcash



for baritone saxophone and piano

commissioned by Phil Pierick and Kurt Galván

[coming soon]

dare-gale, speaks and spells


for two saxophones (doubling soprano / alto)

commissioned by the Ogni Suono Saxophone Duo



for soprano, piano, and live electronics

for Paulina Swierczek and Daniel Pesca

that colors the stone


for solo flute

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chamber ensembles

Encircling the crafted lights


for flute, oboe, horn, violin, viola, cello, and double bass

I am sinking in a sea of copper ships (ii)


for flute, clarinet, violin, guitar, piano, percussion, and electronics

Weightless Vantage


for alto flute/piccolo, violin (scordatura), and piano

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large ensembles

from cairn terrain


for sinfonietta (15 players)

in clarion fields


for chamber orchestra (oboe, english horn, trumpet, two horns, and strings)

I wake to the silence of your halls


for solo flute and chamber orchestra

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